Aqua-Fisch - Messe Friedrichshafen

Queer Squad

Do 22.02.2018 * 23:00
Rote Sonne
Maximiliansplatz 5
80333 München


Beschreibung zur Veranstaltung:
“Oda Haliti is a DJ from Kosovo who is establishing a regular presence playing music in the most renowned bars, clubs and festivals across the Balkans and Europe. She has played at a number of important festivals, events, bars and clubs all over the Balkan peninsula and Western Europe. Beyond music, Oda has extensive experience working as an entrepreneur, PR expert, and a festival and event organiser before her career as a DJ began, and her work continues to significantly impact the cultural scene in Kosovo. Oda’s unique music selection energises her audience, playing “Disco Experimental Electronic Beats.” In the last two years she has been working intensively on the development of new music projects, touring outside of Kosovo and collaborating with well-known local and international artists. Most recently she has been focusing on a collaboration with celebrated musician Blerta Kosova, for which they have established a new, experimental live-act called “Tandem.“

„Die Leidenschaft für intensive, energiegeladene Musik treibt das Duo seit jeher in den musikalischen Underground, besonders zu Wave, Punk, EBM und Techno. Die Perlen dieser Welt zu Tage zu fördern ist Anspruch und Antrieb zugleich. In ihren Sets mischen sie munter kalten Synthie-Sound mit treibenden Drums, fetzigen New-Beat und dancige Electronica-Nummern.“

Queer Squad ist die Veranstaltungsreihe für ein offenes, tolerantes Publikum, die mit heteronormativen und musikalischen Grenzen und Klischees brechen will.

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