Winter World 2019

9 YRS Grounded Theory

Fr 12.10.2018 * 23:59
Tresor Club
Köpenicker Str. 70
10179 Berlin Mitte


Live: Kassem MosseWorkshop, Ominira/ Leipzig
Henning Baer b2b PalemanManhigh/ Berlin, UK
AdielGoa Club/ IT
Pablo MateoGrounded Theory, Artful Rifle/ Berlin
BlawanTernesc, Blueprint/ UK


ExosX/OZ, Trip/ Iceland
Claire MorganHaul Music/ Berlin

Beschreibung zur Veranstaltung:
A terrific line-up is assembled to celebrate nine years. Returning artist Gunnar Wendell aka Kassem Mosse from Leipzig quite often takes part in Workshop label events together with Lowtec. His first release was in 2006 on Mikrodisko, later several on Lowtec’s Workshop, including his first full-lenth album in 2014. Grounded Theory mastermind shares the decks for a b2b with UK’s Paleman, one of the most respected DJs and producers with a view to innovation. His knack for percussive, textural but elegantly driven dance floor music and beyond and has taken him around the world to showcase his unique DJing style and huge array of unreleased experiments. Adiel, resident DJ at Goaultrabeat from Goa Club in Rome, now founder of the label Danza Tribale, is able to render and share her profound and still ethereal emotions into a musical journey that drives the whole dance-floor on a perfectly tailored musical spaceship through crystal forests and obscure depths. Half German, half Colombian, Pablo Mateo is an artist firmly rooted within the contemporary art of techno. His productions are built around a firm understanding of analogue hardware, and can be defined as having an machine based aesthetic and applying emotional undertones to deep, organic rhythms. Pablo Mateo has also built up a following through his finely tuned DJ selections which are concise and personal and have become renowned for being driving and engaging while still remaining fun. Jamie Roberts aka Blawan formed the production duo of Karenn at the end of 2011 with close friend Pariah. With a handful of terrific releases on Ternesc and Blueprint, this UK artist is somewhat to watch. In the +4Bar: Exos is one of the most experienced and respected techno artist from Iceland. Exos is one of the most experienced and respected techno artist from Iceland. releasing more than twenty vinyl records and three albums since 1997. In 2016 Exos released his latest single “Downgarden” on Thule Records which made his international tour called”The Downgarden tour” through South/North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa. In 2017 Exos is opening his own label called “X/OZ” releasing music from friends, favorites and himself. Exos has made collabs and some quality remixes. Two years ago Claire Morgan was behind the Tresor Club decks, an artist with unreserved passion and love for her craft. Her music ranges from deep excursions in ambient to physical, hard-hitting dancefloor trips with wide-reaching appeal: acid, minimal, broken beat, pounding techno, jack tracks, proper electro and Detroit soul are all fair game. Playing both new records and old, Claire Morgan is a curator who will engage and edify you in equal measure.

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