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Counterweight pres. Gaja & Tim Tama

Fr 09.11.2018 * 23:00
Rote Sonne
Maximiliansplatz 5
80333 München

Gaja [S.L.A.M.,Ophism, Repitch | France]
Tim Tama [T/W\B, OBSCUUR, Grounded | Netherlands]
Gonzo MDF [Counterweight | Munich]
Marco H [Counterweight | Munich]

Beschreibung zur Veranstaltung:
November’s Counterweight event is going to be a really HEAVY one, this time with two artists playing for the first time in the city, Tim Tama and Gaja, both well known for their fast paced hard hitting techno sets, so … who’s in?

Gaja, the italian DJ and Producer will deliver one of his legendary vinyl only sets. As a regular DJ of one of our favourite clubs, Tresor Berlin, the quality and “roughness” of his sound is more than guaranteed. As a producer you can find his tracks on labels such as Repitch (D Carbone), S.L.A.M. (Ansome), and on his own imprint Ophism.

Tim Tama, another rising talent from the Netherlands as both, a Producer and also as a
DJ. His sound can be described as a unique blend of hard-hitting drums and cinematic strings. In a relatively short amount of time, he has managed to release material on labels such as Obscuur Records, Taro Records, Raven Sigh, and Grounded.

To sum it up, the Spanish and German label owners of Counterweight will take care to get you started for this night and also to not let it finish until late mornings.

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